Happy hosts and entertained guests

“Aerialogists is an exciting way to add talented entertainment to your next event!  The ladies are professional, fun, and liven up the guests’ experience with delicately poured drinks.”

- Allison C., Burbank, CA

“I’ve never had a bartender literally bend over backward to pour my wine. Fantastic!”

- Amanda R., Hollywood, CA

“The team from Aerialogists lent a fun and festive flair to our recent event at the Egyptian Theatre. Becca and her crew provided eye-catching entertainment in their beautiful custom- designed costumes!”

- Roxanne W., Hollywood, CA

“I was blown away by the beautiful dancers pouring my cocktail, and then I took a sip! Wow! What an incredible combination!”

- Jack S., Los Angeles, CA

“These performers took my breath away - and that was before I tried the fantastic drinks!”

- Sara C., Beverly Hills, CA