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About Us

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Aerialogists LLC provides an atmosphere that is uniquely elegant & distinguished, presenting a tantalizing experience for guests of all ages!

Our talent simultaneously offers incredible beverage service featuring healthy craft elixirs, created by our mixologist founder, specifically designed for each event host, guest of honor, or theme.

Imagine aerialists above the crowd, serving drinks and dynamic entertainment to astounded guests at your next event!

Becca Battoe founder of Aerialogists LLC

as an aerialist and mixologist, our founder saw an opportunity in the Event market to combine these two great passions.  You may recognize her voice from the many audiobooks she has lent it to, (here's a list), or the twenty-two McDonalds commercials she's recorded, but Becca has the most experience in the industry as a dancer, beginning with her first professional job in the Louisville Ballet's The Nutcracker as a child.  For over twenty years, Becca has lent her talents all over L.A., all the while honing her hospitality skills by working at bars, restaurants, clubs, and catering gigs.  She has worked special events of all shapes and sizes, as an event planner, entertainer and as catering staff. Hailing from Louisville, KY, Becca's southern charm, work ethic and desire to have fun is how she has cultivated lasting relationships, where she joyfully and consistently co-creates magic.

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