About Us

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Aerialogists LLC provides an atmosphere that is uniquely elegant & distinguished, presenting a tantalizing cocktail experience where bartenders serve drinks from the sky.

Our talent simultaneously offers incredible beverage service featuring craft cocktails created by our mixologist founder, specifically designed for each event host, guest of honor, or theme.

Imagine aerialists bartending from above, serving drinks and dynamic entertainment to astounded guests at your next event!

Aerialogists LLC is a fully licensed and insured bar catering company serving all of your entertainment and bar service needs.  From lavish weddings, studio holiday parties, Hollywood festival parties and corporate events, to casual backyard BBQs, intimate birthday parties and pop up gallery openings, we can do it all!  We bring our own free-standing aerial rig to your venue! With protective feet and safety wires, there is no need to worry about damage to the event venue ceilings or floors.  Specializing in craft cocktails, our bartenders pour wine, beer, and specialty cocktails from above the crowd.  We simultaneously provide the entire bar package with our bartenders on the ground below the rig as well.