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Who We Are

Aerialogists Founder Becca Battoe

Becca Battoe - Chief Aerialogist

as an aerialist and bartender, our founder saw an opportunity in the Event market to combine these two great passions.  You may recognize her voice from the many audiobooks she has lent it to, (ever heard of Fifty Shades of Grey?), or the twenty-two McDonalds commercials she's recorded, but Becca has the most experience in the industry as a dancer, beginning with her first professional job in the Louisville Ballet's The Nutcracker as a child.  For nearly twenty years, Becca has honed her hospitality skills working in bars, restaurants, clubs, catering gigs, and has worked special events of all shapes and sizes, as both an entertainer and as catering staff.  Hailing from a humble background in Louisville, KY, Becca's southern charm, work ethic and desire to cultivate lasting relationships is unparalleled.

Our Team

Amber Boumenot - Event Captain

has been on the town in Los Angeles for many years now, by way of Chicago and KS.  An accomplished Voiceover actor in many commercials, cartoons, biography films, and your favorite foreign language show that was dubbed into English.  With 10 years of experience in the catering industry and over 20 (yes she started when she was 5) in the bar industry, there isn't much she hasn't tackled.  From running the food and beverage for a 1300 person award show to bartending the most intimate of parties, there is nothing she can't do.

Aerialogists Event Captain Amber Boumenot

Lauren Avon - Lead Aerialogist

is an extraordinary dancer and aerialist in Los Angeles, hailing from New Jersey.  She has performed across the nation from private venues to the Rose bowl, and has been a professional dancer since 2005.  Belonging to several expert dance and aerial performance companies and troupes, Lauren is skilled in bringing any event to life on the stage. She is excited to be joining this thrilling company, where she is able to merge her aerial skills with the high-class atmosphere Aerialogists bring to every event.

Sarah Howard - Aerialogist

is native to Huntsville, Texas where her family still owns a longhorn ranch.  She's been studying circus arts for 10 years, and loves it because it makes her feel so strong and liberated in the air. She truly believes that circus provides one challenge after another, each of which can be achieved with a little heart and a lot of training. Sarah is excited to be a part of Aeriologists because she thinks it’s a unique, interactive performance, and who doesn’t want to be a part of that? 

Elli Williams for Aerialogists

Elli Williams - Aerialogist

Elli holds a BA in Fine & Applied Arts from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, and danced professionally with Leda Swan Inc. She later discovered acrobatics and aerial arts and co-founded Moonlight Circus in Virginia. Five years ago Elli followed her love of movement to Los Angeles where she became resident aerialist for Bootie LA. Today, Elli performs and teaches locally as well as on the East Coast, Bay Area and Alaska.  She occasionally produces shows, regularly works in collaboration with other artists, and is excited to join the Aerialogists team!

Alicen Abler - Aerialist

Alicen Abler is a professional aerial dancer specializing in aerial silks and dance trapeze. You may have seen her flying through the air at the LA County Fair’s high flying trapeze and aerial show. She is also the principal aerialist and aerial choreographer for Duarden Performing Arts Conservatory, as well as teaching the DPAC Air youth in Atwater. On her days off she loves reading, chilling at the beach, and trying to take her bearded dragon for walks.

Alicen Abler for Aerialogists
Priscilla Somogoe for Aeialogists

Priscilla Somogie - Aerialogist

Hailing from South Hampton, NH, Priscilla says  Circus arts are the best way she can express herself freely while still pretzeling/contorting herself the way she used to as a gymnast! This bilingual (spanish & english) lady is one of 9 children, and is no stranger to the stage or to the hospitality industry.  She has an 8 year background in hospitality at many levels; serving, admin, sales & most currently working in event staffing and at music festivals.  Priscilla has been performing for most of her life as well.  She says, "Aerialogists excites me because I get to entertain while also serving - aka keeping the party going in more ways than one!"

Veronica Yune - Aerialogist

This Los Angeles native is an aerial and burlesque performer.  She's currently working with Lucha VaVOOM - the Glam/Slam extravaganza that includes authentic masked Mexican wrestling matches, interspersed with insane performances, hosted by top comedians.  Veronica is a dog lover, especially her baby, Ewok, andher favorite drink is a Moscow Mule.

Veronica Yune for Arialogists
yesenia adamefor aerialogists

Yesenia Adame - Aerialogist

Yesenia Adame is a native Angelino and has dipped her toes in everything to do with entertainment. From numerous Old Navy commercials to special guest performances on Dancing with the Stars, hosting Wild on E!    and appearing on the Big Screen in Angels and Demons. She’s a professional dancer, host, actress and model who now has
fallen so madly in love with Aerial Dance. She feels Aerial dance combines all of her loves in to one perfect circle called the Lyra!

Lexi Lee - Aerialogist

This migratory flier is a Southern California native with a background in live event production and movement theater.  For as long as she can remember she’s been drawn to any and all things “behind the scenes”. This has led to her wearing many hats over the years, from directing award winning indie theater to tending wine and beer bars at private parties with A List clientele.  She’s excited to combine her passions for aerial and event production to work with Aerialogists!

lexi lee for aerialogists
Jessica Shirton fo Aerialogists

Jessica Shirton - Aerialogist

Originally from the East Coast, just North of Boston, Massachusetts. Jessica discovered aerial while studying abroad after unexpectedly walking into a Cirque Du Soleil show happening right on the street in the historic old city Quebec. Soon she found that aerial gave her the same feeling of freedom and expression that gymnastics had once given her. Jessica has a background in hospitality, live events, and sports television. She is thrilled to be part of Aerialogists because she sees it as a creative and dynamic way to entertain while fusing her passion for aerial and live performance. 

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